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Assedio di Calais 1998Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD)

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A little-known serious work of the bel canto school was an enterprising choice for the Academy students to test their technique, and for the most part it showed a good deal of promise, at least musically.

As for the work itself, it is almost top-notch Donizetti, crammed with beautiful melodies. That ir was completely unknown until recently seems astonishing. Exhumed by Opera Rara for their 1988 recording, L'assedio quickly appeared at Wexford (1991) and the Guildhall in London (1993). The Academy here provided its Scottish premiere. There is lots more unknown treasure to be explored in this area of the repertoire.

Cast details are from a copy of the programme in the RCS archive.

Performance Cast

Eustachio de Saint-Pierre Mayor of Calais

Kwang Shik Pang

Aurelio Eustachio's son

Allison Cook (Jun 27; Jul 1)

Martine Straesser (Jun 29; Jul 2)

Eleonora Aurelio's wife

Pamela Wilcock

Giovanni d'Aire a Burgher

Ovidiu Haidu

Giacomo de Wisants a Burgher

Hamish Brown

Pietro de Wisants a Burgher

Mark Saberton

Armando a Burgher

James Cleverton

Incognito the Stranger, an English spy

Olafur Sigurdarson

Edoardo III Edward III, King of England

Nathaniel Webster

Isabella Queen of England

Marianne Vidal

Edmondo an English General

Frank Church


Thomas Dean

Performance DatesAssedio di Calais 1998

Map List

New Athenaeum Theatre | Glasgow

27 Jun, 19.15 29 Jun, 19.15 1 Jul, 19.15 2 Jul, 19.15

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