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Lucrezia Borgia 1861Grand Italian Opera

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Lucrezia was a role which the great Tietjens returned to throughout her career. Shortly before her death, from cancer, in 1877, she collapsed on stage during a performance at Covent Garden that turned out to be her last. The first Scottish performance was in 1849, and it remained popular during much of the century.

As a late-night treat for the audience, Tietjens and the tenor, Giuglini, sang the closing scene from another Donizetti work, Poliuto, composed for Naples, though initially performed as a French grand opera in Paris under the title Les Martyrs. In Edinburgh they sang in Italian and the piece was billed as I Martiri, though presumably the original Italian title would have been more appropriate. The arena lions who consumed the happy couple after the fall of the curtain are hardly likely to have worried about such niceties.

Performance Cast

Don Apostolo Gazella friend of Gennaro

Signor Mercuriali

Maffio Orsini friend of Gennaro

Maria Caradori

Gubetta secret agent to Lucrezia Borgia

Signor Bossi

Gennaro Lucrezia's son, raised in secret

Antonio Giuglini

Donna Lucrezia Borgia

Therese Tietjens

Don Alfonso d'Este Duke of Ferrara, Lucrezia's fourth husband

Signor Canedi

Rustighello servant to Duke Alfonso

Signor Casaboni

Performance DatesLucrezia Borgia 1861

Map List

Queen's Theatre | Edinburgh

5 Nov, 20.00

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