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Romeo and Juliet 1890Carl Rosa Opera Company

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The cast is as advertised for the Glasgow performance on Wednesday 12 November, the Scottish premiere.

The Glasgow Herald reported that the performance had been sold out for days; the theatre was packed with many people content to stand.

Performance Cast

Duke of Verona

Mr E Albert

Count Paris

Mr P Somers

Count Capulet

Max Eugene

Juliette Capulet's daughter

Zélie de Lussan

Gertrude Juliet's nurse

Annie Cook

Tybalt Capulet's nephew

John Child

Roméo a Montague

Barton McGuckin

Mercutio friend of Roméo

Alec Marsh

Stephano Romeo's page

Kate Drew

Friar Lawrence

Signor Abramoff

Benvolio retainer to the Montagues

Mr W Ellis

Gregory A Capulet retainer

Charles Campbell

Performance DatesRomeo and Juliet 1890

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

12 Nov, 00.00 18 Nov, 00.00 20 Nov, 00.00

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

28 Nov, 00.00 4 Dec, 00.00 6 Dec, 14.00

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