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Fra Diavolo 1891Carl Rosa Opera Company

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Concerning the only performance of Fra Diavolo given by Carl Rosa Opera in Scotland in 1891, the Glasgow Herald review (17 November) ran "The chief interest attaching to the production of Auber's comic opera Fra Diavolo at the Theatre-Royal last night was the appearance as Zerlina of Mdlle Zélie de Lussan.  Mademoiselle has not been seen or heard before in this pretty part by  Glasgow audience, but it turned out, as everybody expected, that she brought the same sweetness of of tone and wealth of harmony into the vocal qualities of the part, and gave dramatic action to the character by her wonted vivacity.  In the bedchamber scene in act II her singing and acting were excellent, and provoked genuine and appropriate applause.  Mr John Child was in good voice as Fra Diavolo, though at times he displayed a slight weakness of tone.  Histrionically, however, he seems to be making capital progress.  Mr Rhys Thomas sang well as Lorenzo, and Mr Alex. Marsh showed a voice of good quality as Lord Allcash.  In the parts of Beppo and Giacomo Messrs Aynsley Cook and Bowman Ralston were seen to be clever operatic comedians, though vocally the parts are quite uninteresting.  Madame Lablache made a capital appearance as Lady Allcash, singing with much spirit and action." 

Performance Cast

Fra Diavolo a bandit chief

John Child

Lord Cockburn a British tourist

Alec Marsh

Lady Pamela Cockburn

Louise Lablache

Lorenzo an officer of carabiniers

Rhys Thomas

Zerlina Matteo's daughter

Zélie de Lussan

Giacomo a bandit

Bowman Ralston

Beppo a bandit

Aynsley Cook

Performance DatesFra Diavolo 1891

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

16 Nov, 00.00

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