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Prophet 1892Carl Rosa Opera Company

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It was unusual for Scottish critics to comment on the visual side of opera stagings, but Le Prophète seems to have been a mightily impressive affair, very grand indeed - the kind of production that could only be toured after the development of the railways. The singing wasn't bad either.

Performance Cast

Jean an innkeeper, later John of Leyden

Charles Hedmondt (Apr 28)

Fidès Jean's mother

Josephine Yorke (Apr 28)

Berthe Jean's betrothed

Alice Esty (Apr 28)

Jonas an Anabaptist

Rhys Thomas (Apr 28)

Matthisen an Anabaptist

Alec Marsh (Apr 28)

Zacharias an Anabaptist

Lempriere Pringle (Apr 28)

Count Oberthal

Max Eugene (Apr 28)

Performance DatesProphet 1892

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

28 Apr, 00.00 6 May, 00.00

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

12 May, 00.00 14 May, 00.00

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