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Jeanie Deans 1951Glasgow Grand Opera Society

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Glasgow Grand showed astonishing enterprise in this season, staging not just this Scottish rarity, but also Boito's epic Mefistofele.

Neither work had been seen in Scotland for some years, nor have they reached the professional stage since, though MacCunn's adaptation of Scott has occasionally been revived by amateur groups.

The Scottish Orchestra's Czech conductor,  Walter Susskind, cannot have come across either of these rare works before, so all credit to him for being willing to learn operas he was unlikely to come across again.

Did anyone ever suggest to Peter Ebert in later years that Jeanie should be tried out by Scottish Opera - and how would he have reacted?

Performance Cast

Jeanie Deans

Joan Alexander

George Staunton alias Robertson, lover of Effie Deans

McLean McColl

Effie Deans

Mary Low

Davie Deans a Cameronian, father of Jeanie and Effie

Patrick Moir

John Dumbie Laird of Dumbiedykes

Raymond Ward

Madge Wildfire an outcast gypsy

Amy Samuel

John, Duke of Argyll

Charles Rigg

Queen Caroline Consort of George II

Jean Watson

Janet Balcristie

Louie Innes


Pat Maher

Lady Suffolk Lady in Waiting to the Queen

Nan Muirhead

Performance DatesJeanie Deans 1951

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

30 Apr, 00.00 2 May, 00.00 4 May, 00.00 5 May, 00.00

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