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Geneviève de Brabant 1882Soldene English and Comic Opera Company

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A return visit for this popular favourite, complete with gendarmes' duet. The Soldene company had by now stopped performing Carmen (its José had joined the London cast of Pirates of Penzance). The other evenings were likewise devoted to French operetta, in Offenbach's Madame L'Archiduc (twice) and Grand Duchess of Gerolstein (once), Lecocq's hugely popular Fille de Madame Angot also received two showings. The afterpiece on this occasion was perhaps a strange choice, Dibdin's Waterman, now a century old, but still a popular favourite, though whether Emily Soldene was ideal casting for the normally male role of Tom Tug is perhaps debatable, even if she had played Drogan, originally a tenor role, for nearly a decade.

Additional tour dates to be confirmed.

Performance Cast

Drogan an apprentice pastry cook

Emily Soldene

Geneviève Duchess of Brabant

Minnie Marshall

Brigitte Geneviève's confidante

Alma Ford

Cocorico Duke of Brabant

Mr W H Woodfield

Oswald the Duke's page

Lydia Rachel

Golo Minister of Police

Henry Lewens


Mr W Quinton

Charles Martel a Paldin

Aida Hartley

Philibert Martel's squire

Clare St Claire

Graburges one of the gens d'armes

Edward Marshall

Pitou one of the gens d'armes

Mr H Gordon

Pip a page of the household

Lydia Hamilton

Peterkin a page of the household

Topsy Reeves

Christine a Maid of Honour

Miss M Herbert

Gudule a Maid of Honour

Miss Stuart

Isoline a Maid of Honour

Miss Seymour

Gretchen a Maid of Honour

Miss E Vernon

Barberino a Maid of Honour

Miss E Gray

Houblonne a Maid of Honour

Miss F Hall

Performance DatesGeneviève de Brabant 1882

Map List

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

7 Feb, 19.30

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