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Billee Taylor 1881Mr Charles Bernard's Company

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Billee Taylor provided Edward Solomon with a modest initial success in both London and New York, but it enjoyed an extensive provincial tour and continued to be revived regularly for several years. That the four main Scotlish venues were visited in both spring and autumn indicate its success. The return visit saw two cast changes in major roles. The new conductor, Hamilton Clarke, would shortly become Sullivan's assistant, when his duties at the Savoy would extend to arranging the overture to The Mikado. Fred Sidney had toured successfully with Emily Soldene's company, and Haidee Crofton also joined D'Oyly Carte, touring for several seasons.

The curtain-raiser (advertised in May, and only in Aberdeen, though it was presumably given everywhere) was a 'Musical Comedietta' entitled The Good Young Man Who -. Details are to be established.

The spring tour of four weeks began in Glasgow on 9 May before going to Edinburgh (to be confirmed), Dundee and Aberdeen. The autumn tour, a further four weeks, began in Glasgow on 17 October before proceeding to Edinburgh (tbc) and Aberdeen, finishing in Dundee. It is also possible (though perhaps unlikely) that other Scottish towns may have been included.

Cast details are from The Comet (Lamb Collection 253-5, Dundee City Library)

Performance Cast

Captain the Hon. Felix Flapper, RN of HMS Thunderbomb

Fred Ferrani

Sir Mincing Lane, Knight a Self-made Man

Fred W Sidney

Ben Barnacle Bo'sun of HMS Thunderbomb

Frederick Solomon (May)

John Rouse (Oct; Nov)

Christopher Crab a Villainous Schoolmaster

Edwin Keene

Billee Taylor a Virtuous Gardener

Frederick Darrell (May)

Walter Fisher (Oct; Nov)

Arabella Lane Sir Mincing Lane's Daughter

Georgie Leigh

Phoebe Fairleigh a Village Maiden

Haidee Crofton

Susan a Village Maiden

Constance Moxon

Eliza Dabsey Phoebe's Aunt

Carrie Collier

Performance DatesBillee Taylor 1881

Map List

Gaiety Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

9 May, 19.30 10 May, 19.30 11 May, 19.30 12 May, 19.30 13 May, 19.30 14 May, 19.30 17 Oct, 19.30 18 Oct, 19.30 19 Oct, 19.30 20 Oct, 19.30 21 Oct, 19.30 22 Oct, 19.30

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

23 May, 19.30 24 May, 19.30 25 May, 19.30 26 May, 19.30 27 May, 19.30 28 May, 19.00 7 Nov, 19.30 8 Nov, 19.30 9 Nov, 19.30 10 Nov, 19.30 11 Nov, 19.30 12 Nov, 19.00

Her Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

30 May, 19.45 31 May, 19.45 1 Jun, 19.45 2 Jun, 19.45 3 Jun, 19.45 4 Jun, 19.15 31 Oct, 19.45 1 Nov, 19.45 2 Nov, 19.45 3 Nov, 19.45 4 Nov, 19.45 5 Nov, 19.15

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