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Madame Favart 1881Mr Charles Bernard's Company

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Madame Favart is definitely late Offenbach, with a rather more serious plotline than theatre audiences were accustomed to hear from him.

Additional tour dates in other venues, particularly Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, are still to be confirmed.

Performance Cast

Marquis de Pont Sable Military Governor of Artois, under the Maréchal Saxe

David James

Hector de Boispreau Employee in the Gendarmerie

William Hillier

Major Cotignac of the Dauphine Musketeers

James Neville

Biscotin Proprietor of the Arras Tavern, the 'Grand Monarque'

Sidney Harcourt


Lytton Grey

Charles Favart Dramatic Author and struggling Manager

Leonard Vincent

Justine Favart Charles' Wife, an Actress

Adèle Grenier

Suzanne Daughter of Major Cotignac, later Hector's wife

Marion Erle

Joli-Coeur of the Etat-Major, Camp of Saxe

Emma Rosa

Sans-Quartier of the Etat-Major

Edith Vancher

Larissole of the Staff

Kate Murray

De Meyrac of the Carbineers

Edith Webb

Madame des Ablettes a Guest at Boispreau's Reception

Brenda Harper

Madame de Beaucresson a Guest at Boispreau's Reception

Miss Wilmott

Madame de Barrois a Guest at Boispreau's Reception

Florence Winter

Madame de Verpillac a Guest at Boispreau's Reception

Miss Cabina

Fanchon Suzanne's Maid

Maggie Anderson

Performance DatesMadame Favart 1881

Map List

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

7 Feb, 19.30 8 Feb, 19.30 9 Feb, 19.30 10 Feb, 19.30 11 Feb, 19.30 12 Feb, 19.00

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