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Utopia Limited 1898Mr R D'Oyly Carte's Opera Company

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A week of Gilbert & Sullivan repertoire works - six evenings, with six different works - was a commonplace of entertainment in late-Victorian theatres.

Dundee on this occasion saw performances during w/c 8 August, as follows:   Mon 8  The Mikado; Tue 9  The Gondoliers; Wed 10  Pirates of Penzance; Thu 11  Patience;  Fri 12  Utopia Limited, and Sat 13  The Yeomen of the Guard.

Friday was traditionality the evening when touring opera companies gave any unfamiliar work, so that there was time for the local pit band to study the music during the earlier part of the week.

Utopia Limited had been very successful in the central belt in 1894, but had not then travelled as far north as Dundee or Aberdeen.   Perhaps this was because the extravagant original sets were expensive to transport when the stay would only be for one week - the central belt cities were visited for four weeks each.

Additional tour dates to be added.

Performance Cast

Princess Nekaya Second Daughter of King Paramount

Jessie Vince

Princess Kalyba Youngest Daughter of King Paramount

Flora Macdonald

Scaphio a Judge of the Utopian Supreme Court

Mr W H Leon

Phantis a Judge of the Utopian Supreme Court

Mr Simms-Bull

Lady Sophy an English Gouvernante

Kate Forster

King Paramount the First King of Utopia

Fred Billington

Princess Zara Eldest Daughter of King Paramount

Lena Carr

Captain FitzBattleaxe First Life Guards

Richard Clarke

Captain Sir Edward Corcoran, KCB of the Royal Navy

Powis Pinder

Mr Goldbury a Company Promoter, later Comptroller of Utopian Household

Albert Kavanagh

Production Cast


Mr P W Halton

Performance DatesUtopia Limited 1898

Map List

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

12 Aug, 19.30

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