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Geisha 1897George Edwardes' Company

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The Geisha quickly returned for a second Scottish tour, just as popular as the first. Geraldine Ulmar and Rutland Barrington had moved on, but many of the principals from last time remained. A fortnight over New Year in Edinburgh was followed by three weeks in Glasgow and a further week in Dundee. The whole tour had been scheduled to last a year, and after the first few weeks the opportunity could be taken to rest performers for a week at a time.

The first week in February is blank. The obvious place, Aberdeen, does not seem to have received a second visit, but the company is hardly likely to have gone south before returning for the second visit to Dundee. Likewise the touring theatres in Paisley and Greenock were occupied by other shows. Nor did The Geisha return for a further week at the Lyceum.

Full cast is from programme in NLS collection (week commencing 4 January), with variations from Glasgow Herald and Dundee Courier.

Performance Cast

O Mimosa San Chief Geisha

Maggie May (Edi)

Hilda Moody (Gla; Dun)

Juliette Diamant a French Interpreter, attached to the Tea House

Andrée Corday

Nami (Wave of the Sea) an attendant

Ada Hollingsworth

O Kiku San (Chrysanthemum) a Geisha

Toby Claude

O Hana San (Blossom) a Geisha

Gertrude Carlow

O Kinkoto San (Golden Harp) a Geisha

Blanche Carlow

Komurasaki San (Little Violet) a Geisha

Florence Cullen

Lady Constance Wynne an English Visitor

Miss L Greenwood

Marie Worthington an English Guest

Lucy Golding

Ethel Hurst an English Guest

Bertha Staunton

Mabel Grant an English Guest

Jessie Salisbury

Edith Jervis an English Guest

Violet Trelawny

Molly Seamore an English Guest

Emily Hervé (Edi; Gla)

Marie Studholme (Dun)

Reginald Fairfax an Officer of HMS Turtle

John Coates (Edi; Gla)

C Halle Crawford (Dun)

Dick Cunningham an Officer of HMS Turtle

Farren Soutar

Arthur Cuddy an Officer of HMS Turtle

C Halle Crawford

George Grimston an Officer of HMS Turtle

Roland Cunningham

Tommy Stanley Midshipman from HMS Turtle

Fanny Dango

Katana Captain of the Governor's Guard

Herbert Fairleigh

Takamini the Governor's Agent

George Jamieson

Wun-Hi a Chinaman and Tea House Proprietor

Fred Wright jun

Marquis Imari Chief of Police and Provincial Governor

Leedham Bantock (Edi; Gla)

Mr W H Rawlins (Dun)

Performance DatesGeisha 1897

Map List

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

28 Dec, 19.30 29 Dec, 19.30 30 Dec, 19.30 31 Dec, 19.30 1 Jan, 19.30 2 Jan, 14.00 2 Jan, 19.30 4 Jan, 19.30 5 Jan, 19.30 6 Jan, 13.30 6 Jan, 19.30 7 Jan, 19.30 8 Jan, 19.30 9 Jan, 13.30 9 Jan, 19.30

Royalty, Glasgow | Glasgow

11 Jan, 19.30 12 Jan, 19.30 13 Jan, 19.30 14 Jan, 19.30 15 Jan, 19.30 16 Jan, 13.30 16 Jan, 19.30 18 Jan, 19.30 19 Jan, 19.30 20 Jan, 13.30 20 Jan, 19.30 21 Jan, 19.30 22 Jan, 19.30 23 Jan, 13.30 23 Jan, 19.30 25 Jan, 19.30 26 Jan, 19.30 27 Jan, 19.30 28 Jan, 19.30 29 Jan, 19.30 30 Jan, 13.30 30 Jan, 19.30

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

8 Feb, 19.30 9 Feb, 19.30 10 Feb, 19.30 11 Feb, 19.30 12 Feb, 19.30 13 Feb, 14.00 13 Feb, 19.00

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