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This 1980 revival of the Dream consisted of a single performance at the Perth Festival, where the staging was already familiar, followed by a brief tour to Switzerland. A single performance in Basel was followed by two in Lausanne, which alternated with two performances of Peter Ebert's production of Gluck's Orfeo.  Many of the cast had appeared in the most recent revival in January 1979, when the much-travelled production had appeared at the Theatre Royal for the first time.

The cast shown is for the Perth evening, when Cynthia Buchan came in as a late replacement for Linda Ormiston. Which of the ladies performed in Switzerland is to be confirmed. Otherwise the cast is an established one - indeed the mechanicals, with the exception of Alexander Oliver's Flute, had been with the production since its 1972 opening, and James Bowman had also been in most of the previous performances, which had all been conducted, with increasing mastery, by Roderick Brydon. Ewan Stewart was yet another example, following Tim Curry and Jonathan Hyde, of a promising young actor being chosen for the role of Puck.

Performance Cast

Puck Oberon's servant

Ewan Stewart

Tytania Queen of the Fairies

Nan Christie

Oberon King of the Fairies

James Bowman

Lysander in love with Hermia

David Hillman

Hermia in love with Lysander

Cynthia Buchan (May 22)

Linda Ormiston

Demetrius in love with Hermia

Gordon Sandison

Helena in love with Demetrius

Patricia Hay

Peter Quince a carpenter

David Kelly

Snug a joiner

Norman White

Robin Starveling a tailor

John Lawson Graham

Tom Snout a tinker

John Robertson

Francis Flute a bellows-mender

Alexander Oliver

Nick Bottom a weaver

William McCue

Theseus Duke of Athens

Tom McDonnell

Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons

Claire Livingstone

Performance DatesMidsummer Night's Dream 1980

Map List

Perth Theatre | Perth

22 May, 19.30

Theater Basel | Basel

26 May, 00.00

Opéra de Lausanne | Lausanne

29 May, 00.00 31 May, 00.00

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