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Martha 1869Corri's Grand English Opera Company

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Martha was an extremely popular work for several decades, hardly surpising, given its immediately attractive tunefulness. Here it received its first recorded performance in Aberdeen.

Cast as advertised for Dundee.

Performance Cast

Lady Harriet Durham Maid of Honour to Queen Anne

Ida Gilliess (Mar 30)

Nancy maid to Lady Harriet

Fanny Harrison (Mar 30)

Sir Tristram Mickleford Lady Harriet's cousin

Mr J F Cook (Mar 30)

Plunkett a wealthy young farmer

Henry Corri (Mar 30)

Lionel Plunkett's foster-brother

William Parkinson (Mar 30)

Sheriff of Richmond

John Manley (Mar 30)

Performance DatesMartha 1869

Map List

Theatre Royal, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

10 Mar, 19.45 17 Mar, 19.45

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

30 Mar, 19.30

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