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Lucrezia Borgia 1869Corri's Grand English Opera Company

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Lucrezia Borgia held its popularity in the nineteenth century while singing actresses such as Tietjens performed it. However it never featured in the repertoire of later companies such as Carl Rosa or Moody-Manners - indeed of Donizetti's vast output of serious operas, only Lucia continued to appear occasionally, and that in such a butchered and abbreviated form that it was impossible for audiences to understand its true quality.

Other performers mentioned in the Advertiser's review of the Dundee performance were not assigned to roles. They are Mr J F Cook, Mr John Manley, Mr T A Wylde, Mr C M Blythe, Mr Coyle and Mr Ball.

Further Scottish dates to be confirmed.

Performance Cast

Maffio Orsini friend of Gennaro

Fanny Harrison

Gennaro Lucrezia's son, raised in secret

William Parkinson

Donna Lucrezia Borgia

Ida Gilliess

Don Alfonso d'Este Duke of Ferrara, Lucrezia's fourth husband

Henry Corri

Performance DatesLucrezia Borgia 1869

Map List

Theatre Royal, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

4 Mar, 19.45 15 Mar, 19.45

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

2 Apr, 19.30

Corn Exchange Hall, Kilmarnock | Kilmarnock

23 Apr, 19.30

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