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Maritana 1869Corri's Grand English Opera Company

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The final Saturday evening of a three week long stay was almost bound to feature one of the popular British operas.

In Dundee there were two, with Maritana followed by The Waterman.  In Aberdeen Maritana had been presented early in the visit.

Dundee cast is as advertised.

Performance Cast

Maritana a gitana

Ida Gilliess (Apr 17)

Don Caesar de Bazan

William Parkinson (Apr 17)

Don José de Santarem

Henry Corri (Mar 2)

Haydn Corri (Apr 17)

Lazarillo a poor apprentice

Fanny Harrison (Apr 17)

Captain of the Guard

Mr J F Cook (Apr 17)

Marchioness of Montefiore

Emma Millar (Apr 17)

Marquis of Montefiore

John Manley (Apr 17)

Charles II King of Spain

Mr J F Cook (Mar 2)

Henry Corri (Apr 17)


Mr C M Blythe (Apr 17)

Production Cast


John Pew (Apr 17)

Performance DatesMaritana 1869

Map List

Theatre Royal, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

2 Mar, 19.45

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

17 Apr, 19.30

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