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Sonnambula 1870Corri's Grand English Opera Company

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Bellini's second most-enduring opera was still enjoying huge popularity - perhaps not so difficult to perform as Norma, although the demands of staging the final scene cannot have been easy.

It was also short enough to be followed by a more light-hearted afterpiece. On this tour the brief entertainments available were the familiar Waterman, by Dibdin, No Song, No Supper by Stephen Storace, and a little musical farce billed as The Swiss Cottage - Adolphe Adam's Le Chalet, which must have been quite heavily cut to bring it in at an acceptable length.

Performance Cast

Lisa proprietor of the inn

Miss Whitnall

Alessio a villager, in love with Lisa

Mr C M Blythe

Amina an orphan, raised by Teresa

Ida Gilliess

Teresa proprietor of the mill

Emma Millar


Mr T A Wylde

Elvino a prosperous young villager

William Parkinson

Count Rodolfo an aristocrat returning from travel

Haydn Corri

Performance DatesSonnambula 1870

Map List

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

23 Mar, 19.30 28 Mar, 19.30

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