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Bohemian Girl 1870Corri's Grand English Opera Company

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In what seems to be a fairly standard performance, two features stand out. Firstly, Haydn Corri had chosen the work for his benefit, perhaps caring less about playing a role that show his talents to best advantage, and more about a popular work that would generate the highest take for him.

Secondly, it marked the first performance of the title role by Fanny Harrison. Previously heard in mezzo-roles (indeed she had previously sung Queen of the Gypsies), it seems she was now trying out some higher parts as well.

Performance Cast

Arline Arnheim's daughter

Fanny Harrison (Mar 31)

Thaddeus a proscribed Pole

William Parkinson (Mar 31)

Count Arnheim Governor of Pressburg

Haydn Corri (Mar 31)

Queen of the Gypsies

Emma Millar (Mar 31)

Devilshoof leader of the gypsies

Henry Corri (Mar 31)


Victor Roberts (Mar 31)

Florestein nephew of the Count

John Manley (Mar 31)

Buda Arline's nurse

Miss Brontë (Mar 31)

Production Cast


John Pew (Mar 31)

Performance DatesBohemian Girl 1870

Map List

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

31 Mar, 19.30

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