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Trovatore 1890Arthur Rousbey's English Opera Company

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In addition to Rousbey himself, this Trovatore team was notable for the Azucena of Julia Lennox, who would soon appear at Daly's Theatre in the first British production of Hansel and Gretel before joining Carl Rosa.


A Dundee Critic

Dundee Courier & Argus:  Wednesday, March 12 1890

Opera in Dundee - Il Trovatore

'The performance in English of Il Trovatore last night showed Mr Arthur Rousbey's company to decidedly greater advantage than on the preceding evening. Almost every one of the performers who appeared on both occasions were better suited last night in respect of parts, and two competent new members made their first appearance in Dundee. To them we will give first place. The Azucena of last night was Madame Julia Lennox, a thorough artiste, both vocally and dramatically.  She has a mezzo voice of much beauty of quality and admirably trained.  Her singing last night was always in tune, her action instinct with dramatic life.  She was frequently recalled by the enthusiastic audience.

'The other stranger was Mr William Hillier, the Manrico of the caste.  His voice is of robust quality, and his only fault is a tendency to forcing which makes his top notes occasionally a little bit out of tune. Dramatically he was very satisfactory.  After the prison scene in the opening of the fourth act the applause was so great that it caused Manrico to break through his prison bars to bow his acknowledgments to the audience.

'Miss Agnes Molteno last night as Leonora intensified the favourable impression she made on Monday.  The part of Leonora is a particularly trying one, but Miss Molteno sang throughout with the utmost spirit and sweetness. Her singing of roulades and florid passages was brilliant in the extreme, and she was deservedly recalled over and over again.  Mr Rousbey made a gallant looking Count, and acted and sang with his usual force.  Mr J K Campbell was in better voice than on Monday, and made a capital representative of Ferrando, while Mr George Allen in the little part of Ruiz displayed a voice of much sweetness.  The chorus sang with much - perhaps too much - vigour, and the band did its best.

'To-night Gounod's Faust is certain to attract a large audience.  The caste includes Mdme Vadini, Marguerite; Mdme Lennoc, Siebel; Mr Hillier, Faust; and Mr Rousbey, Mephistopheles.'

Performance Cast

Ferrando captain of Di Luna's guard

Mr J K Campbell

Leonora a Duchess, lady-in-waiting to the Princess of Aragon

Agnes Molteno

Count di Luna a young noble of Aragon

Arthur Rousbey

Manrico a chieftain under the Prince of Biscay

William Hillier

Azucena a Biscayan gypsy woman

Julia Lennox

Ruiz a soldier in Manrico's service

George Allen

Production Cast


Charles Jefferys

Performance DatesTrovatore 1890

Map List

Her Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

4 Mar, 19.30

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

11 Mar, 19.30

Grand Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

18 Mar, 19.30

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