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Rose of Castille 1890Arthur Rousbey's English Opera Company

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The Rose was, for many years, Balfe's second most popular opera - not saying a great deal, given the astonishing, and long-lasting, popularity of The Bohemian Girl. Still, at least the plot of The Rose of Castille appears to be rather more coherent.

Performance Cast

Donna Elvira Queen of León, the 'Rose of Castille'

Miss E Vadini

Donna Carmen Elvira's maid of honour

Julia Lennox

Don Sancho King of Castille, disguised as Manuel, a muleteer

William Hillier

Don Pedro Elvira's uncle, a conspirator

Arthur Rousbey

Don Florio de Santa Cruz a frivolous old courtier

Mr J K Campbell

Beatrice Duchess of Calatrava

Katerine Sass

Performance DatesRose of Castille 1890

Map List

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

13 Mar, 19.30

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