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Staging the week's companion piece, La traviata, must have seemed a relatively simple task for the company, by comparison with the demands made by this grand work. At the time, the familiar melodies are likely to have been from the Overture, especially the final galop (The Lone Ranger had been a fixture on TV screens in the recent past). Andy Stewart had also made a great success with his record of a song called 'The Scottish Soldier', the melody of which would be found in the William Tell ballet music, if it was performed.

During his extensive professional career, John Robertson sang dozens of performances of Almaviva and Ramiro for Scottish Opera and Opera for All - very different from the rather more heroic role of Arnold.

Performance Cast

Guillaume Tell

James Kinloch

Hedwige Tell's wife

Flora McAlpine

Jemmy Tell's son

Rita McPhun

Arnold Melcthal's son

John Robertson

Melcthal a Swiss Patriarch

Jack White

Gesler Austrian governor of Schwitz and Uri

Ian Martin Will

Mathilde a Habsburg princess, Gesler's sister

Dorothy Miller

Rodolphe captain in Gessler's guard

Ernest Dodds

Leuthold an old shepherd

Louis Stewart

Ruodi a fisherman

Harry Ireland


William Kinnis

Performance DatesWilliam Tell 1964

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King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

14 Apr, 19.15 16 Apr, 19.15 18 Apr, 19.15

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