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Orfeo 1968Edinburgh University Opera Club

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The newly-established Edinburgh University Opera Club got off to a flying start with this Scottish premiere of the earliest regularly performed opera. The recent Sadler's Wells staging had been played in Italian - there not being yet an acceptable English version - and the students bravely followed that example.

The pit band consisted of sixteen players, led by Miles Baster (first violin of the Edinburgh String Quartet), and there was a continuo group of five. There was also a chorus of twenty-one, including several of the small-part soloists, and two principal dancers. There is no credit for scenery, but then the stage is shallow with little scope for anything elaborate.

Performance Cast


Fiona Cantlay

Pastore I First Shepherd

Robert Barclay

Pastore II Second Shepherd

David Brown

Pastore III Third Shepherd

Douglas Burke

Pastore IV Fourth Shepherd

Stuart Clelland

Ninfa a Wood Nymph

Jean Gordon Brown


Jeffrey Davies


Diana Brereton

Messaggiera a messenger

Jean Gordon Brown

Speranza Hope

Margaret McBeth

Caronte Charon, ferryman to the Underworld

Peter Young

Proserpina wife of Pluto

Joan Busby

Plutone Pluto, Lord of the Underworld

Douglas Burke

Spirito I First Spirit

Robert Brodie

Spirito II Second Spirit

Stuart Clelland


Robert Barclay

Performance DatesOrfeo 1968

Map List

George Square Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

7 Feb, 20.00 9 Feb, 20.00 10 Feb, 20.00

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