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Étoile 1974Edinburgh University Opera Club

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A decade before the wonderful Lyon staging of this gorgeous piece was brought to the Festival, EUOC provided the Scottish premiere. The English translation, under the appropriate title The Horoscope, was provided by Roger Savage, and David Kimbell made a tactful reduction of the score for piano trio and percussion. While some of the subtlety of Chabrier's fabulous orchestration was no doubt lost, the risqué elements of the plot still made it a perfect entertainment for students. At this stage it was deemed sensible to have the lead role of Lazuli, a lovely travesti part for a good young mezzo, performed by a tenor. The important thing was simply to get this unknown work on stage - and it is still not established in the repertoire.

Roger Savage's English version adopted a wholesale renaming of parts - so Tapioca, as secretary to Hérisson, became Quill, in the employ of Sir Fretful Porpentine. The first maid was renamed Lotus Blossom (a name familiar to most of the audience from the long-running radio comedy series Round The Horne).

The reduced score was delivered by a quartet consisting of Penny Harper (violin), Louise Paterson (cello), David Kimbell (piano) and David Lyle (percussion).

Performance Cast

King Ouf I of the Thirty-Six Kingdoms

Ian Mandelberg

Siroco Ouf's Court Astrologer

Michael Turnbull

Hérisson de Porc-Epic the Roving Ambassador from Mataquin

Robert Buning

Tapioca Hérisson's private secretary

Jack Orr

Lazuli a pedlar

Robert Bishop

Laoula daughter of King Mataquin

Carolyn Coxon

Aloès wife of Hèrisson

Joan Busby

Patacha a citizen

Tom Marandola

Zalzal a citizen

Paul Winter

Oasis a maid of honour

Clare Ibbott

Asphodèle a maid of honour

Elspeth Stewart

Youca a maid of honour

Elizabeth Hare

Adza a maid of honour

Hilary Bell

Sinnia a maid of honour

Elizabeth Obree

Koukouli a maid of honour

Linda Moffat

Performance DatesÉtoile 1974

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George Square Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

6 Feb, 19.30 7 Feb, 19.30 8 Feb, 19.30 9 Feb, 19.30

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