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Linda di Chamounix 1878Her Majesty's Italian Opera

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This rare performance of Donizetti's late semi-seria piece was described as being given 'for the first time in many years'. Perhaps more importantly, it seems to have been the last for many years, in that it has not been done here since, which is definitely our loss.

The Theatre Royal programme in the Mitchell Library collection gives full casts for the week, but gives no mention of conductor.

With Linda opening the visit on Monday, the rest of the programme was Tue Faust; Wed Martha; Thu Ruy Blas (Marchetti); Fri Trovatore; Sat Figaro.

Performance Cast

Antonio a tenant farmer

Signor del Puente

Linda Antonio's daughter

Alwina Valleria

Marquis de Boisfleury Carlo's uncle

Signor Zoboli

Carlo Vicomte de Sirval, disguised as an artist

Francesco Runcio

Prefect of Chamounix

Signor Franceschi


Antonio Rinaldini

Pierotto a youth, and friend of Linda

Eugenie Paprini

Performance DatesLinda di Chamounix 1878

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

4 Mar, 19.30

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