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Nabucco 1957Edinburgh Grand Opera

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Nabucco had rarely been performed in Scotland (Glasgow Grand had perhaps been the first in 1952). This staging by the Edinburgh amateurs was highly regarded, in spite of being mounted on the limited stage of the Usher Hall.

The growing reputation of the setup under Richard Telfer's guidance resulted in Arts Council money being made available. This paid for the return north of three excellent guest professionals. The conductor was young Alexander Gibson, this being a couple of years before he returned to Scotland. The professional baritone and bass, William Dickie and David Ward, were also well established in London. The director was a veteran baritone from the pre-war Carl Rosa company.

The Verdi was played in repertoire with Maritana, in what may have been the last performances the old war-horse received in Scotland. These were conducted by the company's music director, Richard Telfer, an important figure in Scotland, both as a teacher, and as one of the founders of Scottish Opera.

Performance Cast

Nabucco Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon

William Dickie

Zaccaria High Priest of the Hebrews

David Ward

Abigaille a slave, supposed elder daughter of Nabucco

Jean Muir

Fenena daughter of Nebuchadnezzar

Helen Lippiatt

Performance DatesNabucco 1957

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