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Bride of Dionysus 1929Edinburgh Opera Company

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Donald Tovey's only opera was given a carefully prepared launch in the city where he spent most of his career as one of the most influential British musicians of the early twentieth century.

Each role was double-cast, including the conductor. Thus, not only were the two groups of singers able to rest between shows (or sing some Leoncavallo or Puccini), but cover was available so that, if required, as in the role of Ariadne, one singer could give all the performances if the alternate were to drop out.

The back-up conductor, David Stephen, was an important figure in Scottish musical circles, as conductor, pianist, organist and composer. He worked from late Victorian times in Dundee before moving to Edinburgh.

Data is taken from a framed display in the foyer of the Edinburgh Festival Theatre.

Performance Cast


Miss E Naysmith Young


Helen Morris (Apr 23, 26)

Elma Burnett (Apr 25, 27)


Andrew Simpson (Apr 23, 26)

John Tainsh (Apr 25, 27)

Chromis a Satyr

George Douglas (Apr 23, 26)

Mr J G Ross (Apr 25, 27)


Charles MacKay (Apr 23, 26)

Mr G Cunningham (Apr 25, 27)


Frank Brady (Apr 23, 26)

Francis Harford (Apr 25, 27)

Performance DatesBride of Dionysus 1929

Map List

Empire Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

23 Apr, 19.00 25 Apr, 19.00 26 Apr, 19.00 27 Apr, 19.00

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