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Maître Seiler 1910Moody-Manners Opera Company

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Maclean's one-act comedy was put on as a curtain-raiser  to precede early performances of Tosca.  It is hard to imagine any work being launched in such difficult circumstances.  Not surprisingly, it disappeared from view quite quickly, and was not even performed in Dundee the week after Aberdeen.

The cast is from a programme in Aberdeen City Library.

Performance Cast

Wilhelm secretly betrothed to Lotte

Seth Hughes

Maître Seiler a Judge of the Municipal Courts

Lewys James

Yeri a forester

Charles Magrath

Lotte Yeri's daughter

Raymonde Amy

Performance DatesMaître Seiler 1910

Map List

King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

18 Feb, 00.00

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

4 Mar, 19.30

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