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William Tell 1856Mr Beale's Italian Opera Company

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Single performances in Edinburgh and Glasgow mark the first visit to Scotland of Rossini's final operatic masterpiece. The same week also saw the first local showing of Donizetti's brilliant comedy Don Pasquale, with the same singers in the leading roles - surely an interesting experience for them.

Cast details are as advertised in the Caledonian Mercury, mostly confirmed by the review of Tuesday 26 February.

Performance Cast

Guillaume Tell

Signor Monari

Hedwige Tell's wife

Madame Chierici

Jemmy Tell's son

Madame Bellosio

Arnold Melcthal's son

Signor Neri Baraldi

Melcthal a Swiss Patriarch

Monsieur Zelger

Gesler Austrian governor of Schwitz and Uri

Signor Boccolini

Mathilde a Habsburg princess, Gesler's sister

Madame Fodor

Rodolphe captain in Gessler's guard

Signor Verini

Walter Furst

Monsieur Zelger

Leuthold an old shepherd

Signor Matoni

Ruodi a fisherman

Herr Reichardt

Production Cast


Signor Orsini


Calisto Bassi (Italian)

Performance DatesWilliam Tell 1856

Map List

Theatre Royal, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

25 Feb, 00.00

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

18 Mar, 00.00

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