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William Tell 1992Haddo House Choral & Operatic Society

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This 1992 production wasn't the first time that Haddo had chosen to take on the highly challenging and relatively unusual William Tell, though it may be the first time they had performed it in French.

Performance Cast

Guillaume Tell

Geoffrey Davidson

Hedwige Tell's wife

Susan Mackenzie-Park

Jemmy Tell's son

Marianne Hellgren

Arnold Melcthal's son

Neville Williams

Melcthal a Swiss Patriarch

William Watson

Gesler Austrian governor of Schwitz and Uri

Ian Comboy

Mathilde a Habsburg princess, Gesler's sister

Ingrid Attrot

Rodolphe captain in Gessler's guard

Colin McKerracher

Walter Furst

Jeremy Lemmon

Leuthold an old shepherd

Simon Crookall

Ruodi a fisherman

Vernon Kirk

Performance DatesWilliam Tell 1992

Map List

Haddo House Hall | Ellon, Aberdeenshire

15 Apr, 19.00 16 Apr, 19.00 18 Apr, 19.00

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