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Pearl Fishers 2001Edinburgh Grand Opera

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Bizet's second most popular opera is a work that should be done regularly by the amateur companies.  While it is patchy as music drama there are plenty of opportunities for the chorus to get stuck in to its memorable tunes.  With only five solo roles there is also an opportunity for alternative casts to be assembled without too much difficulty.

The tenor part contains a good deal of exposed high-lying writing, and is perhaps the most difficult to cast.  In this instance he, alone, sang every night.

Performance Cast

Nadir a fisherman, friend of Zurga

Roberto Garcia Lopez

Zurga leader of the fishermen

Ivor Klayman (Mar 21, 23)

Michael Dewis (Mar 22, 24)

Léïla a priestess of Brahma

Simone Sahyouni (Mar 21, 23)

Mary Oliver (Mar 22, 24)

Nourabad High Priest of Brahma

John McLeod (Mar 21, 23)

Richard Bourjo (Mar 22, 24)

Performance DatesPearl Fishers 2001

Map List

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

21 Mar, 19.30 22 Mar, 19.30 23 Mar, 19.30 24 Mar, 19.30

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