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Shop Girl 1896Messrs Morell & Mouillot's Company

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The Shop Girl had opened in London towards the end of 1894, and was still running there, having transferred successfully to New York and been on an extensive tour of the provinces. Its first visit to Edinburgh and Glasgow had been at the beginning of September 1895, in a company under George Edwardes' own name. Another company had spent a two-week period at the Theatre Royal Greenock from 30 December (cast details to be confirmed). So this may have been the third group to tour the work to Scotland, with return visits to Edinburgh and Glasgow preceded by first appearances in Aberdeen and Dundee. Where they went for the week from 16 March is not yet clear.

The management team of H H Morell & Frederick Mouillot worked closely in association with George Edwardes, under whose direction The Shop Girl had begun its career at the Gaiety. They acquired the provincial rights to the piece, and at one stage had four companies touring the country.

Most of this company re-appeared in these theatres in the Autumn, beginning in Aberdeen on 12 October before moving on to Dundee. The company was announced for a Christmas season, with three weeks each at the Edinburgh Lyceum and Glasgow Royalty..

Cast details are from programmes for weeks commencing 9 March and 19 October in the Lamb Collection, Dundee Central Library.

Performance Cast

Mr Septimus Hooley Proprietor of Royal Stores

Mr H Yardley

Charles Appleby a Medical Student

Fred Winn (Mar)

Stephen Adeson (Oct)

Bertie Boyd one of the Boys

Eustace Ponsonby (Mar)

Mr W A Haines (Oct)

Sir George Appleby a Solicitor

Arthur Jackson 2

Colonel Singleton retired

Arthur McCulloch

Count St Vaurian Secretary to Mr Brown

Arthur E Stigant

John Brown a Millionaire

Fuller Allen (Mar)

Rudolph Lewis (Oct)

Mr Tweets Financial Secretary to Lady Appleby

Mr W E Clark (Mar)

Mr T L Law (Oct)

Mr Miggles Shopwalker at the Royal Stores

Kennedy Allen

Lady Dodo Singleton Charlie's Cousin

Lois Carlyle (Mar)

May Bell (Oct)

Miss Robinson Fitter at Royal Stores

Eva Levens

Lady Appleby Charlie's Mother, and Wife to Sir George

Mrs Henry Kitts (Mar)

Emily Levettez (Oct)

Ada Smith an Apprentice at the Royal Stores

Clara Clifton

Faith Lady Appleby's Daughter

Ethel Clarke

Hope Lady Appleby's Daughter

China Howard

Charity Lady Appleby's Daughter

Florrie Inge (Mar)

Dora Inge (Oct)

Maud Plantagenet of the Syndicate Theatre

Maud Jackson

Eva Tudor of the Syndicate Theatre

Violet Campbell

Maggie Jocelyn of the Syndicate Theatre

Mildred Webber

Lillie Stuart of the Syndicate Theatre

Georgie de Laura

Mabel Beresford of the Syndicate Theatre

Edith Hunter

Agnes Howard of the Syndicate Theatre

Edith Mayville

Ada Vandesforde of the Syndicate Theatre

Aubrey Ashton

Violet Leaveney of the Syndicate Theatre

Miss E Dolores

Bessie Brent the Shop Girl

Nellie Clifton

Performance DatesShop Girl 1896

Map List

Her Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

2 Mar, 19.30 3 Mar, 19.30 4 Mar, 19.30 5 Mar, 19.30 6 Mar, 19.30 7 Mar, 14.00 7 Mar, 19.30 12 Oct, 19.30 13 Oct, 19.30 14 Oct, 19.30 15 Oct, 19.30 16 Oct, 19.30 17 Oct, 14.15 17 Oct, 19.30

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

9 Mar, 19.30 10 Mar, 19.30 11 Mar, 19.30 12 Mar, 19.30 13 Mar, 19.30 14 Mar, 14.00 14 Mar, 19.30 19 Oct, 19.30 20 Oct, 19.30 21 Oct, 19.30 22 Oct, 19.30 23 Oct, 19.30 24 Oct, 14.00 24 Oct, 19.30

Royalty, Glasgow | Glasgow

23 Mar, 19.30 24 Mar, 19.30 25 Mar, 19.30 26 Mar, 19.30 27 Mar, 19.30 28 Mar, 14.00 28 Mar, 19.15

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

30 Mar, 19.30 31 Mar, 19.30 1 Apr, 19.30 2 Apr, 19.30 3 Apr, 19.30 4 Apr, 14.00 4 Apr, 19.30

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