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Lucia di Lammermoor 1910Castellano Grand Italian Opera

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While Lucia was at least still being performed, unlike Donizetti's other great serious operas, it was generally not presented in a way that did it any favours. Here, as usual, it was subjected to substantial cuts.

Cast details are from a programme in Aberdeen Central Library.  Being a Saturday at the end of the company's visit, the critics did not attend, and the cast details for Dundee are mentioned in preview form in the morning's Courier & Argus, with only Lucia, Edgardo, Raimondo and Arturo being specifically named.

Performance Cast

Normanno the Ashtons' forester

Signor Fragari (Oct 22 m)

Enrico Lord Henry Ashton

Signor Catini (Oct 22 m)

Raimondo Bide the Bent, the Ashtons' chaplain

Signor Quintina (Oct 22 m)

Signor Vittori (Oct 29 m)

Lucia Lucy Ashton, Henry's Sister

Signora Alessandrovic (Oct 22 m, 29 m)

Alisa Ailsa, Lucy's companion

Signora Cavezzano (Oct 22 m)

Edgardo Edgar, the Master of Ravenswood

Signor Barbato (Oct 22 m, 29 m)

Arturo Lord Arthur Bucklaw

Signor Barterra (Oct 22 m, 29 m)

Performance DatesLucia di Lammermoor 1910

Map List

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

22 Oct, 14.15

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

29 Oct, 14.15

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