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Bohemian Girl 1911Moody-Manners Opera Company

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The 'Saturday Pop' on this Aberdeen visit was Balfe's perennial favourite. It was the only one out of the repertoire of seven operas that would not be repeated the following week in Dundee. Audiences there were treated to The Lily of Killarney instead.

The cast is from a copy of the programme in Aberdeen City Library.

Performance Cast

Arline Arnheim's daughter

Florence Morden (Mar 11)

Thaddeus a proscribed Pole

Albert Bowyer (Mar 11)

Count Arnheim Governor of Pressburg

William Farmer (Mar 11)

Queen of the Gypsies

Olive Westwood (Mar 11)

Devilshoof leader of the gypsies

Harry Brindle (Mar 11)


Mr R Gordon (Mar 11)

Florestein nephew of the Count

Frederick Davies (Mar 11)

Buda Arline's nurse

Edith Webb (Mar 11)

Performance DatesBohemian Girl 1911

Map List

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

11 Mar, 19.30

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