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Vida breve 1958Edinburgh International Festival

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This double-bill of Falla's little-known opera and extremely famous ballet at the 1958 Festival represented the British premiere of La vida breve, and a rare operatic role in Scotland for Victoria de los Angeles. The Three-Cornered Hat was given in a new version, choreographed by and starring the famous Antonio, who toured the world for many years with his dance company. While there is a dance element in the opera as well, it seems that in this instance it sometimes overwhelmed an operatic drama that needs all the help it can get.

Eduardo Toldrà was an important figure in Spanish musical life. Bernabé Martí (who was billed here under the soon-abandoned Spanish form Martinez) had a promising career, but it undoubtedly took second place to that of his wife, the great soprano Montserrat Caballé. There seems to have been a unanimous reaction to a superbly touching performance of Salud by Victoria de los Angeles - a very special festival event.

Cast details from our copy of the Festival programme book..

Performance Cast

Salud a gypsy, in love with Paco

Victoria de Los Angeles

Abuela Salud's grandmother

Rosario Gomez

Paco Salud's lover

Bernabé Martí

Uncle Salvador Salud's uncle

Joaquin Duis

Flamenco Singer

Manuel Ausensi

Carmela engaged to Paco

Julita Bermejo

Manuel Carmela's brother

Manuel Albalat

Performance DatesVida breve 1958

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King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

9 Sep, 19.00 11 Sep, 19.00 13 Sep, 19.00

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