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Greek Slave 1898George Edwardes' Company

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The Sidney Jones piece brought out by George Edwardes to succeed The Geisha had been well received in London in June, and the touring company took only three months to reach Glasgow. They would return to Scotland in January for a longer visit, with a three-week Glasgow stay being preceded by a week at the Edinburgh Lyceum and followed by a week in Paisley. Venues north of the central belt would need to wait a few months longer.

The most interesting aspects of this cast included an early appearance by the Irish bass Charles Magrath in the title role. He had already worked with the Carl Rosa company under the italianized surname Maggi, and would soon resume his successful operatic career. Minnie Hunt had spent several years developing her career with Carl Rosa, but that company had just gone bust after a single disastrous season.

Alice Barnett had a wide range of experience around the world, and was able to project lots of character even in a relatively small part. Marie Studholme had already starred in several pieces, including The Geisha, and would not return in the new year, while W H Rawlins spent many years performing parts such as this, created in London by Rutland Barrington.

Cast details from the review in the Glasgow Herald.

Performance Cast

Marcus Pomponius a Roman Prefect

Mr W H Rawlins

Princess Antonia of the Imperial family

Minnie Hunt

Iris a Greek Slave, Antonia's maidservant

Marie Studholme

Heliodorus a Persian Soothsayer

Horace Mills

Maia Daughter of Heliodorus

Maud Boyd

Diomed a Greek Slave in the household of Heliodorus

Charles Magrath

Melanopis a slave, housekeeper to Heliodorus

Alice Barnett

Performance DatesGreek Slave 1898

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