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Following the exertions of the previous operatic production, Otello, staged two years earlier, the 52nd season's offering was a return to the familiar (even if it was nearly thirty years since the last Haddo staging of Macbeth).

However a new translation was used, by Jeremy Sams, and new talent appeared, in the form of Canadian baritone turned director, Mark Tinkler. There was a second unfamiliar baritone, Mark Holland, taking the title role.

Performance Cast

Macbeth a general in King Duncan's army

Mark Holland

Banquo a general in King Duncan's army

Tom Barnard

Lady Macbeth

Susan Stacey

Servant of Macbeth

Mark Saberton

Macduff Thane of Fife

Mark Luther

Malcolm son of King Duncan

Douglas Telfer

Lady in waiting

Anne Marchand

Fleance son of Banquo

Daniel Wray

King Duncan

Christopher Hartley


James Cleverton


Jeremy Lemmon

Performance DatesMacbeth 1998

Map List

Haddo House Hall | Ellon, Aberdeenshire

8 Apr, 19.30 9 Apr, 19.30 11 Apr, 19.30

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