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Sir John in Love 1982Edinburgh University Opera Club

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At the time of this Scottish premiere by students of Edinburgh University, Vaughan Williams' Falstaff opera really was quite a rarity. The length of the cast list may help to explain why performances remain scarce - the adaptation by Boito for Verdi is so much more concise than the composer's own adaptation here. Even Nicolai's Merry Wives holds the stage with rather more confidence.

The scans of the programme were kindly supplied by Ivor Klayman.

Performance Cast

Sir John Falstaff a portly knight

Ivor Klayman

Robin Falstaff's page

Lobo Chan

Bardolph a tippler and follower of Falstaff

Christopher Bell

Nym a cutpurse and follower of Falstaff

Rory Lucas

Pistol a braggart soldier and follower of Falstaff

Stephen Atkins

Host of the Garter Inn

Andrew Moore

Frank Ford a Windsor townsman

Thomas Pope

Alice Ford's wife

Joan Busby

John the Fords' servant

Thomas Oakshott

Robert the Fords' servant

William Geoghegan

George Page a Windsor townsman

Alan Kemp

Margaret Page's wife

Joanne Armstrong

Anne the Pages' daughter

Fiona Mitchell

William the Pages' son

Paul Norton

Fenton a gentleman of the Court

Ian Darling

Dr Caius a French physician

Bill Anderson

Nell Quickly Caius' housekeeper

Elizabeth Harley

John Rugby Caius' servant

David Steinberg

Abraham Slender a country gentleman

Alan MacParlane

Peter Simple Slender's servant

Mark Owen

Robert Shallow, JP Slender's uncle

Peter Forbes

Hugh Evans a Welsh parson

Colin Heggie

Performance DatesSir John in Love 1982

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George Square Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

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