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Lucia di Lammermoor 1996Opera on a Shoestring

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Opera on a Shoestring were a Glasgow-based company, which, as the name suggests, mounted operas with reduced musical resources and a minimum of scenery. Here, the score was tactfully thinned by Edward Rushton to suit a band of eight. The natural ambience of the auditorium, a former church in the gothic revival style, was also used to great advantage.

Performance Cast

Enrico Lord Henry Ashton

Martin Higgins

Raimondo Bide the Bent, the Ashtons' chaplain

Graeme Danby

Lucia Lucy Ashton, Henry's Sister

Christina Dunwoodie

Alisa Ailsa, Lucy's companion

Allison Cook

Edgardo Edgar, the Master of Ravenswood

Peter Wedd

Arturo Lord Arthur Bucklaw

James McLaughlin

Performance DatesLucia di Lammermoor 1996

Map List

Cottier Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

2 May, 19.30 4 May, 19.30 6 May, 19.30 10 May, 19.30 12 May, 19.30 15 May, 19.30 17 May, 19.30 20 May, 19.30

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