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Siegfried 1901Moody-Manners Opera Company

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The Valkyrie had first been seen in Scotland a few years earlier, in 1896, but it still took a while for the other elements of the Ring to appear.

Philip Brozel had a successful international career, and seems to have been the linch-pin of this production.


Scottish Tour Itinerary

The company spent a week in Glasgow, followed by one in Edinburgh.  The two unusual works were Wagner's Siegfried, receiving its Scottish premiere, and Meyerbeer's Star of the North, not seen for over a decade.  Perhaps the greatest surprise is the fact that of the fourteen performances seven are of works by Wagner.  In addition to these, the visit in March had featured both Flying Dutchman and Tristan.  Clearly both cities had an enormous appetite for Wagner.

Tour dates are as follows:

Glasgow, w/c 7 October:  Mon Carmen;  Tue 8 Tannhäuser;  Wed 9 Star of the North;  Thu 10 Lohengrin;  Fri 10 Siegfried;  Sat 12 mat Tannhäuser;  Sat 12 eve Bohemian Girl.

Edinburgh, w/c 14 October:  Mon Tannhäuser;  Tue 15 Carmen;  Wed 16 Siegfried;  Thu 17 Lohengrin;  Fri 18 Star of the North;  Sat 19 mat Carmen;  Sat 19 eve Bohemian Girl.

Performance Cast

Mime a Nibelung, Siegfried's fosterer

Signor Gherardi (Oct 16)

Siegfried son of Siegmund and Sieglinde

Philip Brozel (Oct 16)

Wanderer Wotan in disguise

Charles Magrath (Oct 16)

Alberich a Nibelung

William Dever (Oct 16)

Fafner disguised as a dragon

Charles Manners (Oct 16)


Miss Boaden (Oct 16)

Erda mother of the Norns and Valkyries

Lily Moody (Oct 16)

Brünnhilde now a mortal

Fanny Moody (Oct 16)

Performance DatesSiegfried 1901

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

11 Oct, 19.30

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

16 Oct, 19.30

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