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Semele 1969Edinburgh Opera Company

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Handel operas were an unusual subject for amateur performers in Edinburgh.

However several of these singers were involved with the Edinburgh University Opera Club which was also ambitious in tackling the work of this and other Baroque composers. In particular, Alan Borthwick would go on to have a long career singing with many Scottish groups.

Performance Cast

Cadmus King of Thebes

Jeffrey Davies

Semele daughter of Cadmus

Valerie Hogg

Ino sister of Semele

Caroline Bell (Apr 23, 26)

Mary Elliot (Apr 24, 25)

Athamas a Prince of Boeotia

Neil Seager


Maureen Mallett

Iris Juno's attendant

Edith Duncan (Apr 23, 26)

Lottie Seggie (Apr 24, 25)


Alan Borthwick


John Turnbull


John Small

Performance DatesSemele 1969

Map List

Church Hill Theatre | Edinburgh

23 Apr, 19.30 24 Apr, 19.30 25 Apr, 19.30 26 Apr, 19.30

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