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Bohème 1952Iskoldoff Italian Opera Company

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The Italian company imported by Eugene Iskoldoff performed London seasons, usually at the Stoll Theatre on Kingsway (originally built by Oscar Hammerstein in 1911 as the London Opera House). He quickly began a series of provincial tours that would become annual events for several years, until 1956. Standards were variable, with chorus, scenery and costumes brought in from Italy. A small orchestra of freelance musicians was recruited in London, but was not usually of a very high standard, and generally under-rehearsed. However some notable singers also appeared.

The repertoire was fundamentally popular.with one Rossini work (The Barber of Seville) diluting the diet of wall-to-wall Puccini (La bohème, Tosca, Madama Butterfly). The visit began on 15 September with a three-week London season at the Stoll Theatre, Kingsway. The tour that ensued took in Bristol, Bournemouth, Manchester (two weeks), Birmingham, Glasgow (two weeks), Croydon and Liverpool.

The Glasgow schedule was as follows:

First week (comm 10 Nov): Mon Bohème; Tue Tosca; Wed mat Barber; Wed eve Butterfly; Thu Bohème; Fri Butterfly; Sat mat Bohème; Sat eve Tosca.

Second week (comm 17 Nov): Mon Barber; Tue Tosca; Wed mat Bohème; Wed eve Tosca; Tu Bohème; Fri Butterfly; Sat mat Butterfly; Sat eve Tosca.

Casting for the tour is to be confirmed, but the participants in London included both Tito Gobbi and Magda Olivero, as well as Kyra Vayne and Pier Miranda Ferraro.

Performance DatesBohème 1952

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Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

10 Nov, 19.30 13 Nov, 19.30 15 Nov, 14.30 19 Nov, 14.30 20 Nov, 19.30

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