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Fledermaus 1930Covent Garden Opera

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On paper this looks like a sparkling cast for Fledermaus, and Sir John Barbirolli always seems to have had a naturally instinctive talent for directing a Viennese waltz. Whether inserting The Blue Danube as a prelude to the third act was an ideal touch seems questionable. Certainly on the next tour it was moved forward to the party scene and choreographed as part of Orlofsky's entertainment - surely a more satisfying solution.

The cast consisted largely of company regulars, down to Doris Lemon in the tiny role of Ida, here renamed Molly in the Kalisch version. The only new recruit is the effervescent coloratura soprano Nora Gruhn as Adele - the following season she returned in that role, while adding Sophie in Der Rosenkavalier.

Cast details from a programme in Edinburgh City Library.

Performance Cast

Adele the Eisensteins' maid

Nora Gruhn

Rosalinde wife of Eisenstein

Marjorie Parry

Alfred an Italian tenor and admirer of Rosalinde

Parry Jones

Gabriel von Eisenstein

Heddle Nash

Blind Eisenstein's lawyer

Frederick Davies

Falke a notary and friend of Eisenstein

Dennis Noble

Frank prison governor

Percy Heming

Ida Adele's sister

Doris Lemon

Orlofsky a rich young Russian prince

Gladys Parr

Ivan Orlofsky's servant

Leslie Horsman

Frosch prison warder

William Michael

Performance DatesFledermaus 1930

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King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

27 Oct, 19.30

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