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Rosenkavalier 1931Covent Garden Opera

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This excellent cast was a proper display of the company's strength in depth, as any performance of Rosenkavalier must be.  So not only were there excellent principals as the Marschallin,  Octavian,  Sophie and Ochs,  but Faninal,  Annina and  Valzacchi were also in experienced hands.  We even see Philip Bertram and Frances Frost as the Notary and First Orphan - short but important roles in the Act 1 levée scene.  In control of all was the great Barbirolli in the pit.

Cast from a programme in the Edinburgh City Library collection.

Performance Cast

Feldmarschallin Marie-Therese, Princess of Werdenberg (the Field-Marshal's wife)

Miriam Licette

Octavian Count Rofrano

Marjorie Parry

Ochs Baron Ochs auf Lerchenau

Norman Allin

Major- domo to the Marschallin

Roy Devereux

Noble Widow

Nellie Hallam

First Noble Orphan

Frances Frost

Second Noble Orphan

Mollie Street

Third Noble Orphan

Amy Sissons


Jessie Mitchell

Animal Seller

William Booth


Philip Bertram

Valzacchi an intriguer

Frederick Davies

Annina Valzacchi's accomplice

Gladys Parr


Herbert Tree

Faninal Herr von Faninal, a rich merchant

William Michael

Sophie Sophie von Faninal, his daughter

Nora Gruhn

Marianne Marianne Leitmetzerin, Sophie's duenna

Frances Maude

Major-domo to Faninal

Liddell Peddieson


Roy Devereux

Commissioner of Police

Richard Watson

Performance DatesRosenkavalier 1931

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

20 Nov, 19.00

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