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Belle Hélène 1965Sadler's Wells Opera

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This revival of the popular 1963 production was notable for the appearance of Margaret Burton in the title role and the introduction of David Hillman, with his ideal sense of comic timing, as Paris - and between the two pairs of Saturday performances he appeared in the single Glasgow evening devoted to the new Mines of Sulphur.

Cast details from programmes in the Edinburgh City Library and the Opera Scotland collection.

Performance Cast

Calchas High Priest of Jupiter

Derek Hammond Stroud

Philocomus Chaplain to Calchas

Gomer Morris

Euthycles a blacksmith

Charles Draper

Hélène Queen of Sparta

Margaret Burton

Oreste son of Agamemnon

Mary Gilmore

Paris son of King Priam

David Hillman

Ajax I King of Salamis

Lawrence Folley

Ajax II King of the Locrians

John Delaney

Achille King of Phtiotidos

John Carolan

Ménélas King of Sparta

John Fryatt

Agamemnon King of Kings

John Hargreaves

Daphne Helen's maid

Joan Davies

Chloé a woman of the town

Christina Bray

Jocanthis a woman of the town

Joan Smalley

Anthea a woman of the town

Elizabeth Howarth

Phantis a woman of the town

Catherine Leskie

Performance DatesBelle Hélène 1965

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

3 Apr, 00.00 3 Apr, 14.00

Alhambra Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

10 Apr, 14.30 10 Apr, 19.30

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