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Nabucco 1983Tayside Opera

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The personnel of Tayside Opera have always been enthusiastic Verdins, and in the first couple of decades, led by principal baritone William Dewar, this was especially the case. Perhaps it was surprising that they should take so long to get round to Nabucco, but here the barrier of casting the fiendish role of Abigaille was overcome by using a local soprano, Elizabeth Watson, who had spent several years in the chorus, but had no difficulties with the part. She even sang five performances without a break.

Performance Cast

Nabucco Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon

William Dewar

Ismaele nephew of Zedekiah, King of Jerusalem

Philip Kearns

Zaccaria High Priest of the Hebrews

David Button

Abigaille a slave, supposed elder daughter of Nabucco

Elizabeth Watson

Fenena daughter of Nebuchadnezzar

Meg Peebles

Anna Zaccaria's sister

Norma Millar

High Priest of Baal

John Parry

Abdallo an elderly officer in the King of Babylon's service

Iain Macpherson

Performance DatesNabucco 1983

Map List

Gardyne Theatre | Dundee

1 Nov, 19.30 2 Nov, 19.30 3 Nov, 19.30 4 Nov, 19.30 5 Nov, 19.30

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