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Nabucco 1993Tayside Opera

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It was a decade since the Taysiders had last tackled Nabucco, and it remained a piece they did well. Where the last run had exposed a soprano to the challenge of singing five performances of Abigaille, here they had succeeded in finding two excellent local sopranos who could alternate in the role.

The staging was also attractive. A young professional designer, Roy Bell, provided interesting semi-abstract sets and very eye-catching costumes. The director Ken Alexander also did well - it is not often that amateur opera groups can benefit from guidance by novice directors who go on to successful mainstream theatre careers - in his case including excellent work at Perth, Pitlochry and elsewhere.

Performance Cast

Nabucco Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon

David Button

Ismaele nephew of Zedekiah, King of Jerusalem

Philip Kearns

Zaccaria High Priest of the Hebrews

Neil Mudie

Abigaille a slave, supposed elder daughter of Nabucco

Gelda Bell (Nov 9, 11, 13)

Helen Brown (Nov 10, 12)

Fenena daughter of Nebuchadnezzar

Fiona Brownsmith

Anna Zaccaria's sister

Heather Stewart

High Priest of Baal

Hamish Stewart

Abdallo an elderly officer in the King of Babylon's service

James Gray

Performance DatesNabucco 1993

Map List

Gardyne Theatre | Dundee

9 Nov, 19.30 10 Nov, 19.30 11 Nov, 19.30 12 Nov, 19.30 13 Nov, 19.30

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