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Docteur Miracle 1983Tayside Opera

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To keep the pot bubbling between two full-scale, and mpressive, main-stage productions, Tayside often tried to produce something on a smaller scale. Here in what were described as 'workshop productions' (with no scenery and small band) in Dundee Council's Music Centre in Bell Street, two delightful chamber-scale one act comedies were put on. Bizet's Doctor Miracle and Donizetti's Campanello had another factor in common, in that the plots both hinge on one charcter adopting a series of disguises.

While Tayside had done the Donizetti once before (in 1970), the Bizet was a complete novelty.

Possible further dates to be confirmed.

Performance Cast

Le Podestat Magistrate of Padua

Russell Malcolm

Véronique the Magistrate's wife

Meg Peebles

Laurette the Magistrate's daughter

Norma Millar

Capitaine Silvio

Philip Kearns

Performance DatesDocteur Miracle 1983

Map List

Music Centre | Dundee

24 Mar, 19.30

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