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Midsummer Night's Dream 2004Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD)

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When one of the music colleges is lucky enough to have an excellent counter-tenor in training, then The Dream is almost certain to appear, along with the Handel masterworks. Several more of these singers went on to useful solo careers.

Performance Cast

Puck Oberon's servant

Graeme Rooney

Tytania Queen of the Fairies

Catriona Holt (Jun 26, 30)

Gail Johnston (Jun 28; Jul 2)

Oberon King of the Fairies

Reno Troilus

Lysander in love with Hermia

Robert Fann

Hermia in love with Lysander

Luciana Costa e Silva

Demetrius in love with Hermia

Byron Watson

Helena in love with Demetrius

Joanne Boag

Peter Quince a carpenter

Richard Mein

Snug a joiner

Orlando Mason

Robin Starveling a tailor

Patrice Lamure

Francis Flute a bellows-mender

Daryl Simpson

Tom Snout a tinker

Alistair Digges

Nick Bottom a weaver

Marc Labonnette

Theseus Duke of Athens

Ronald Nairne

Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons

Kristin Finnigan

Peaseblossom a fairy

Elaine Bryceland

Cobweb a fairy

Robert Greenhalgh

Mustardseed a fairy

Matthew Oldroyd

Moth a fairy

Emma Bisset

Performance DatesMidsummer Night's Dream 2004

Map List

New Athenaeum Theatre | Glasgow

26 Jun, 19.15 28 Jun, 19.15 30 Jun, 19.15 2 Jul, 19.15

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