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The large number of amateur opera groups that have performed up and down the country over the decades generally have a consistent record of performing popular favourites, interspersed with the occasional rarity. To perform something modern is unusual, and to give a world premiere must be just about unheard of. Yet here we have one, admittedly not in any way modern in approach, but the work of a recently deceased composer who had enjoyed a fair reputation. Indeed, his first opera, Thais and Talmaae, had been a Carl Rosa creation back in the twenties.

Two professional tenors were engaged. Kenneth Macdonald was a familiar name to local audiences, having sung Alfredo and Radamès in the previous two seasons. He would later spend most of his career at Covent Garden. This year, he also sang the lead in the lighter work playing alternate nights - Noel Coward's Bitter Sweet. The second professional, Alan Workman, had been recruited because the role of the villain, Prince John, was written in an exposed, high-lying style. Otherwise, the cast consisted entirely of local singers, led by Mary Cairns in the title role.

Details from the Dundee Courier. Further cast data to be confirmed.

Performance DatesMaid Marian 1956

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Gaumont Theatre | Dundee

12 Mar, 19.30 14 Mar, 19.30 16 Mar, 19.30

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