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Show Boat 1928Theatre Royal Drury Lane Ltd

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Arguably the first truly great musical, blending serious subject matter with the lighter moments that were expected in musical comedies, Show Boat was an immediate success, and here enjoyed a swift tour of the provinces.

Cast details are from a programme in the Edinburgh Room collection at Edinburgh City Library.

Additional Scottish dates to be confirmed.

Performance Cast

Cap'n Andy Hawks owner of the 'Cotton Blossom'

Blake Adams

Parthy Ann Hawks Cap'n Andy's wife

Adah Dick

Magnolia Hawks daughter of Andy and Parthy Ann

Mona Magnet

Frank Schultz an actor on the 'Cotton Blossom'

Alec Lennox

Ellie May Chipley an actress on the 'Cotton Blossom'

Trissie Sturley

Steve Baker leading man of the 'Cotton Blossom' company

Walter Webster

Julie LaVerne Steve Baker's wife and leading lady

Beryl Walkley

Queenie ship's cook on the 'Cotton Blossom'

Eva Hudson

Joe Queenie's man

Gilbert Holland

Pete Gavin towboat engineer on the 'Cotton Blossom'

Bernard Howard


Reg Smith

Rubber Face

Louis Arthur

Gaylord Ravenal a professional gambler on the river boats

Claude Bailey

Sheriff Vallon

Ernest Shannon

Faro Dealer

Robert Sturtevant


Edward Sheridan


Ernest Branson


Robert Woolard


Keith Baxter

Belle Fatima

Adelaide Vandyke

Old Sport

Claude Farrow

Mrs O'Brien a landlady

Ethel Stalman


Alice Davis

Kim Ravenal daughter of Gay and Magnolia

Mona Magnet

Jake pianist at the Trocadero nightclub

Louis Arthur


Robert Woolard

Man with guitar

Ernest Branson

Charlie doorman at the Trocadero

Sam Henry


Ivy Kent


Adeline Senior


Dorothea Ronald

Performance DatesShow Boat 1928

Map List

Empire Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

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