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1931 saw a major London revival of The Geisha at Daly's Theatre. In due course it went out on tour There is one odd change to the cast - the sailor whose name was originally Arthur Cuddy is, in 1931, given the rather grander surname of Bronville.

Additional tour dates to be confirmed.

Cast details from a programme in the Edinburgh Room of Edinburgh City Library.

Performance Cast

O Mimosa San Chief Geisha

Sylvia Pickering

Juliette Diamant a French Interpreter, attached to the Tea House

Violette Deane

Nami (Wave of the Sea) an attendant

Rosamund Ross

O Kiku San (Chrysanthemum) a Geisha

Hazel Glenn

O Hana San (Blossom) a Geisha

Marie Conan

O Kinkoto San (Golden Harp) a Geisha

Ann Angela

Komurasaki San (Little Violet) a Geisha

Rosamund Ross

Lady Constance Wynne an English Visitor

Irene Ward

Marie Worthington an English Guest

Marjorie Kershaw

Ethel Hurst an English Guest

Essie Brett

Mabel Grant an English Guest

Jeannette Burnell

Louie Plumpton an English Guest

Enid Steele

Molly Seamore an English Guest

Noreen Hamilton

Reginald Fairfax an Officer of HMS Turtle

Karl Melene

Dick Cunningham an Officer of HMS Turtle

Ronald Hall

Arthur Cuddy an Officer of HMS Turtle

William Marshall

George Grimston an Officer of HMS Turtle

Charles Clapham

Tommy Stanley Midshipman from HMS Turtle

Elizabeth Coyle

Katana Captain of the Governor's Guard

John Newton

Takamini the Governor's Agent

Stanley Tustain

Wun-Hi a Chinaman and Tea House Proprietor

Percy Le Fre

Marquis Imari Chief of Police and Provincial Governor

Leo Sheffield

Performance DatesGeisha 1931

Map List

Empire Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

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